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About Black Builders LLC

At Black Builders we take great pride in crafting a new generation of custom homes. To us, a custom home should have a rhythm and style and feel that fits you and your family like a glove…that resonates with the way you live, today. It’s why we specialize in a new generation of homes. Custom Homes that are fresh–full of life and spirit. Homes that will grow with you like a trusted friend.

Values – What’s Important to Us

Set the Right Expectations – We know buying a custom home is complicated, and although we can’t promise that there won’t be headaches along the way, we promise to be open and honest from the beginning. You can rest assured we will set the right expectations. You want to talk?

We’re here.

Build with Cutting-Edge, Quality Craftsmanship – We want to be the custom home builder ahead of the game, which means staying on top of what’s new and hot in the marketplace and delivering it to your home. Like building to Energy Star and EarthCraft standards.

Deliver unparalleled customer service – We know this should be on every custom home builder’s priority list, but with us, it hits home – literally. We were raised in this industry, we’ve learned how to do things right from our father, and we seek to raise the bar by providing you, our customer, with streamlined processes both online and on paper, to help us help you.

Ok, we’ve said what we care about, but not why, so here goes: We care because this is what we do. It’s how we make our living – a conscious dedication of our time and our lives. We care because we know, we’ve been here before, and in our book, a pleased customer is worth more than the paycheck that follows.

Our Team

Brian Black

A graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, Brian spent his early years after graduation as the President for Baytree Properties, Inc. It was during this experience that he developed an understanding of the important balance between managing clients expectations and delivering on those expectations. Brian believes that he has an opportunity to continue a great tradition of building great custom homes and helping people realize their dreams.

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